Ubuntu Linux

“Ubuntu is an ancient African word, meaning ‘I can’t configure Debian.” says a joke about this distribution based on Debian, which simplified the usage of Linux bringing millions of people to the Open Source community. Ubuntu is until today the exportation libel among  all Linux Distributions, being the most usual recommendation for new users. The real meaning of “Ubuntu” is “Humanity towards others”, it’s name already positions it as a diplomatic distribution, such status was backed by the program Shipit, started in 2005 through which Canonical used to distribute Ubuntu CDs for free worldwide, I remember myself receiving dozens of disks to distribute in the university. Shipit was critical for Ubuntu to become the most installed distribution, according to Linux Institute the distribution is being used by the international space station and many millions of users through different devices including drones and automatized vehicles.

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Ubuntu is currently the most used distribution worldwide due it’s simplicity and easy transition for Windows users while keeping the Linux’s stability, just like an Utopian woman, simple and stable, Ubuntu is excellent both for desktop users and sysadmins as  it is already being used by elite companies like Tesla Motors.

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You can download Ubuntu from it’s official website by clicking here.

Full & Updated list of IRC channels for Ubuntu users